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Underground Rap Groups

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Christianity - Artists Top Links
Find out more about the group and e-mail them the Rapper - Reverend Jack Maxey puts

Eminem Forum - HipHop & Rap
Black/White; Check out this ILLINOIS HIP HOP GROUP! X; roc the mic tour; top three

Comic Book Resources Forums - The best rap GROUP out there RIGHT
to popular opinions of the Roots among underground hip-hop My pick for best rap group

GameSpot Forums - Your favorite rap artist/group that has never
Reply. Your favorite rap artist/group that has never been mentioned on the forums?

Mad4It - underground rap/hiphop
Re: underground rap/hiphop « Reply #8 on: Aug 6 th 2003 2:34pm » i came back

Cuban Rap groups getting support from Cuban government Havana
and graffiti artist launched into an impromptu rap. said Balesy Rivero 35 the group's

flavorpill LA
Feminem trio works a point of view marginally represented in even underground rap

Mafia Without compromising their dark image as a malevolent rap group from the South

Tha UnderGround RailRoad

music rap
music mp3 madonna Schools civic groups and other fun raising organizations work

Southwest Connection - Third & West Coasts Collide
itself as one of Alabama’s new premier rap groups. and is in the super group Lay-Lo Hip-Hop News from the OtherGround - Slum Village
This would hurt record sales but make them one of hip hop’s most anticipated

Thug Radio
a trip to Cincinnati OH where Hi Tek was in a hip-hop group named Mood After finding

TLS Rants: Indie Rock
do you say about popular groups like Outkast who have won Grammies making music in

Pop Music and the Culture of Canaan
I'm sure that there are prominent rap prophets leading their cultural charge. Underground

AddALink - Where you can AddYourLinks!
ringtones - get free nokia ringtones; From Rap to Rock Underground Hip Hop support - Rap Style - Hip Hop All Star From All Over
Rhymes Street Squad Czech collective of two groups and three rappers to which Ania V6 - The Profile Of Tupac Shakur - The Illest
Oakland-based rappers to create Digital Underground a band In 1990 the group released

The Japanese Cultural Review
Or Mighty Crown (a group I saw last night) who takes rap and reggae and The people - Underground Westcoast Rap
Double G. Big Mike Sicc Ricc and group Da Fam Thug Life) Shade Sheist Shock G

Peep This Link ! Kick Ass Up & Comin' Rap Group Much Props to the underground.

Cipher began DJing around 1986 when rap music was After his first group the short-lived

To have Pharoahe Monch's reputation precede him would be a
half of one of rap music's most revered and enduring underground duos Organized Rock

Manhattan Records / Lexington Co. Ltd.
For this reason there are very few artists who have signed with a major label whereas : Latin Hip-Hop / Latin Rap / Latino Hip-Hop
Royal T - Chicano rapper and owner of Low Profile Records; Rhyme Poetic Mafia -
We won quite a few talent shows over rap groups at the time I think people were

Welcome to
New songs like "The Drill" will be banging the underground with songs like With

:::welcome to CURBSERVER the premeire underground HIP HOP:::
Of Mexican Descent H has been smashing the LA Underground rap scene for a and XOLOLANXINXO
have created music that will appeal to underground hip-hop Keeping with the group’s

Influenced by scratch/rap records from New York and team up with AR Kane another

Underground Artists Unsigned Hype . Your Ultimate source for Rap
Figga 4 is one of the longest running underground groups in the history > Music > Features > Blood
ago on a hot summer night GuerillaOne president Eddie Donaldson paged me at work
Jones AKA G-Stack & Vidal Prevost AKA V-dal. The groups primary rap

Hiphop-Directory : Hip Hop and Rap Groups/Official Sites
Bronxmob Founded and started in 1993 by Hektek Bronxmob is a up and coming

The Hip Hop Lounge
information about the group in the HHL'sUNDERGROUND SECTION. up together and he would

Tupac Groups
Digital Underground. Tupac was 18 when he joined the bay area based rap crew Digital

Kalabo Profile
well known rap icons Lunch from the group Homeless Nation The second rapper 3-dee

Etiwanda Underground +++ Words
Omar MacDonald says "they say it's against the school rules to rap." But what Sean

The B-Side Press
The Underground Professionals Tour and Lightheaded are made up of and have balanced

MOBFIGGAZ.NET : Your number one Tupac source.
and Tupac made her the manager of his group with Ray P". In his movie debut Tupac

Night Shield Entertainment - From The Rezervation To The Ghetto
Ranking = 8/10. The Road To Nobility is a very nice debut album from

| the operative network |
of indo smoke and bullet casings that rap music is They need to hear J5 -- a group

Pass The Mic! Artists Interviewed
Their underground track "Motion Pictures" is a rare gem that's hardly heard Watch

>> ph balance :: order :: cds
an album worthy of the stoned future-reaching sounds of Rap groups like De Pam and

PBSTL PROFILE- Dilated Peoples
I got into underground rap through my brother was all up had hid this shit under the

2PAC SHAKUR - Særoppgave
Not held back by his lack of formal education Tupac joined the Rap

Main Site
Music Groups Street Platoon Raw Underground Rap from Pico Union Forum Led by: SICK

Lexicon :: It's the L!! :: Spy Tech Records
a new entry in the field now - rappers Oak and NickFury from the group Lexicon undeniable

The groups want a boycott of radio stations that play the song I don't support [violence

Raw Roots - Representing Rap / Hip Hop worldwide Underground Hip
alot of different artists from US to UK RnB n Rap. for tracks for some of the local

ASU Web Devil - Self sell: Underground AZ magazine - Thursday
The meeting spawned Underground AZ a local magazine for all genres with an emphasis

Iceman at Pine Manor Springfest
then went on to form various rap groups with friends he vowed to become successful

The Onion AV Club | Music — 1st Class
Another returning veteran Tre Hardson helped lay the foundation for West Coast underground

Underground Soul
it also features the distinctive rhyme stylings of Mr. Cheeks from the rap group

Ludacris sets standard - University Chronicle - News
that lasted about an hour. Local rap group Hydrophonics and Chicago

Upoc: Main
124 members. ttownmusic1 T-Town Music. Home of DSR - The South's Hottest

Music Moments
There’s been a movement in the underground hip-hop scene for sometime now: groups

:: -- ¦¦ westcoast 2 k ¦¦ -- ::
nutz We caught up with Portland's underground legend Cool solo album "Young Roscoe

Sorry Ms. Jackson they are for real | Mar 23 2001
In 1997 a fairly underground group out of New Jersey released the way may have Music May/June 2002: Single Minded p. 1 of 1
me very much of Mike Control a great underground rap act with they were the end all

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